Hot line

The HOTLINE is a tool to enhance the efficiency of Sistema's measures countering potential misconduct, fraud, corruption, noncompliance and irregularities with respect to Sistema, its subsidiaries and affiliates.

You can use the HOTLINE to make an anonymous report about lack of performance or improper performance on the part of the employees of Sistema PJSFC or its subsidiaries and affiliates, compliance with charters and other internal documents, legal requirements, etc. at any time or form:

  1. by sending an email to
  2. by leaving a message on an answering machine at +7 (495) 228-15-02
  3. by posting a letter or sending it with a courier to: 13 Mokhovaya St., bldg.1, 125009 Moscow, Russia, Attn.: Head of Internal Control and Audit Department (IC&AD), to mark: "Private and Confidential: HOTLINE"
  4. by sending a text message via on the HOTLINE page

Your message will be recorded by duly authorised employees of Sistema on the basis of strict confidentiality for subsequent analysis and verification.

If you already are or plan to become a counterparty of SISTEMA PJSFC or its subsidiaries and consider procurement process to be executed with any irregularities, you can submit an official complain to the Procurement Conflict Committee by filling out the Complaint form and sending it via the HOTLINE page.

For more details on the purpose and features of the HOTLINE please refer to the Policy: SISTEMA PJSFC Whistleblowing Policy “Integrated Hotline”

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