Yauza radar system

The Yauza radar system is a set of solutions for monitoring the airspace over high-traffic airports. It will provide air traffic controllers, traffic flow management specialists, pilots and airline operators access to current and predictive aviation-specific weather information they need to perform their duties effectively — 24/7, 365. The Yauza is designed to improve the management of air traffic, deliver weather-predicting capabilities; it provides rapid air traffic control response for both tactical operations and civil disasters.

The Yauza does:
• Detect and ensure proper positioning and tracking of the target;
• Calculate the deviation between the current position of the aerial object and its landing approach trajectory and transmit this information to the air traffic controllers;
• Detect meteorological phenomena and measure changes in their movement parameters;
• Monitor the situation on the airstrip, detect objects locating or moving on it at low speeds.
It features :
• The radar operates continuously with the signal bouncing back off targets, received during the sounding signal transmission.
• The digital beam-forming system allows for beam pattern of the receiving antenna array capable to cover all directions simultaneously, within the entire coverage area;
• The number of simultaneously tracked targets is limited by the capabilities of the hardware and software components used in the radar system, which can be increased if necessary.

Performance Specifications


Wavelength band


Coverage area:

distance range, km

up to 50

azimuth, degrees

0 – 360

elevation angle, degrees

0 through 30

Wavelength band


Measurement accuracy


(smoothing at 20 second intervals, average quadratic value):


for distance range, m


for azimuth, degrees


elevation angle, degrees

Distance range resolution


(for targets with the same RSC), m


The number of simultaneously tracked objects

max 15

Parameters of the antenna mechanical rotation

The antenna is stationary, no rotation is needed