The sector-type radar system

Air traffic mobile solution that provides persistent detection of any low RCS objects within the coverage area, including unmanned air vehicles. It provides data containing details of low-level airspace that often go undetected using conventional mechanical radar systems.

• A modular design that can be upgraded with minimal modifications. 
• The system can be easily transported and set-up in any location requiring no preparations within a minimal time.
• The radar system can be integrated into the existing local area network, to fit the mission meeting the facility security needs.
• The parameters of the radar signal can be changed during operation to get optimal resolution and accuracy depending on the kind of interference encountered at any moment.

Performance Specifications

Detection range

Up to 2,000 m

Unmanned air vehicles

Detection sector

90 x60°


Operational frequency range

3.140–3.160 MHz


Emission power

20 W



Up to 50 kg



2000x1800x1600 mm


Power supply voltage

220 V

50 Hz

Modulation type

Chirp modulation

Continuous signal with optional impulse mode

Coverage sector

180°- azimuth

60° - elevation angle


Scanning speed

above 2 seconds

Parallel scanning principle

Minimal range

50 meters


Laptop connection interface

Optical Ethernet

Remotely at a distance of max 8000 m

Operating temperature range

Between –40°С and +50°С