Surok small-size radar

The radar is designed for detecting, discriminating, tracking, classifying low flying aircraft and aerial objects such as gliders, helicopters, aircraft, UAVs, including stealth-type vehicles. Surok provides data containing details of low-level airspace and can be used in land-based continuous airspace monitoring systems for information support purposes:
- in security systems intended to protect important installations and structures such as nuclear power plants, dams, etc. against terrorist attacks from the air;
- in systems ensuring safe use of aircraft, including light aircraft in the airspace over airfields that do not use other types of radar-based navigation equipment;
- in systems designed to interdict illegal border crossing by air and illegal transportation of banned cargoes (trafficking of weapons, explosives, drugs and other illicit cargoes).

Performance Specifications
Operational frequency range
50 - 70
Coverage area the detection range for an airplane (L-39)
- distance range, km
- azimuth, degrees
- wight

2 - 300 
up to 10
The range of measured velocities, m/s
10 - 250
The number of simultaneously detected and tracked targets up to 30
The information update and retrieval rate, seconds 1 - 10
Passive interference suppression factor, dB 70
Operating parameters 
- deployment/tear-down time, hr 
- switch-on time, seconds 
- continuous operation time