A space surveillance solution

This radar system designed for monitoring low flying space targets and artificial earth satellites. The space surveillance radar system measures the coordinates, velocities and effective dispersion surfaces of targets. It has a modular design to enable fast deployment on prepared positions. The system is arranged as two connected containers to offer a comfortable working environment for the crew. Transmission of information will be provided via exchange equipment and communications links in accordance with requirements agreed with. The radar system enables to send information to external terminals. Additional hardware and software means can be used.

• automatic detection and tracking of designated space targets;
• automatic detection of the coordinates and the radar cross section of tracked targets;
• transmission of information about the tracked targets

Wavelength band


Coverage area:

distance range, km

120 :2000

azimuth, degrees

0 – 360

elevation angle, degrees

0 through 90

Distance resolution (for targets with the same RCS), m


The number of simultaneously tracked objects

up to 15

Parameters of the mechanical rotation of the antenna:

azimuth, degrees


elevation angle, degrees


for azimuth velocity, degrees/s


for azimuth acceleration, degrees/s2


for elevation angle velocity, degrees/s


for elevation angle acceleration, degrees/s2