The Vitim radar system is an information surveillance solution for early detection and precise tracking of ballistic missiles and quick, accurate determination of threat versus non-threat objects. The radar is a sensor for the Ballistic Missile Defense System that can detect and track ballistic missiles and other cold objects in space. The Radar Modular Assembly affords the scalability to form various size arrays to fit the mission requirements.

The radar system is designed to:
Detect the positions and motion parameters of ballistic missiles, their warheads, artificial earth satellites;
Classify the threat;
Discriminate the emission characteristics, trajectory parameters and fall areas of active jamming sources transmitting signals within the operating range of the Vitim radar;
Generate standard messages and retrieve information about the detected and tracked threats and jamming signal sources;
Detect missile launches and track targets from boost phase into midcourse;
Acquire and track short range air-launched targets;
Track multiple targets simultaneously;
Communicate with missile defense command and control systems.

Performance Specifications
Wavelength band UHF
Coverage area
- distance range, km
- azimuth, degrees
- elevation angle, degrees

50 - 4000
2,0 – 50
Maximum detection range, km

for targets with RCS area of 5.0 m2
For aerodynamic targets

along the line of sight
Measurement precision (standard quadratic deviation)
- for distance, m
- or radial velocity, m/s
- for elevation angle, minutes.
- for azimuth angle, minutes
- for angular velocity, min/s

1 – 3