VHF communications jamming system

The system is intended for jamming radio communications in the VHF range. The system comprises a receiving antenna, transmitting antenna, radio receiver/transmitter, and a battery. The system detects radio commu¬nications in the VHF range, analyzes their signals and then jams it based on the results of the analysis.

• VHF communications signals are analyzed and jammed within 5 milliseconds.
• Fast frequency hopping.
• An instant band is at least 50 MHz.
• A jamming signal has a special structure which can be adjusted.
• Several jamming systems can be integrated with a network using fibre optic cables to better distribute jamming energy. In this network, one of the systems will function as a leading system, while all the other will be dependant on it. If
the lead system goes off-line, one of the remaining systems in the network takes over this role.

Key Parameters

Jamming range

Up to 15 km

Range of frequencies

420–470 MHz

Output power

80 W

Power supply voltage

12 V

Weight (without the battery)

6 kg


1400 х 600 х 60 mm