The ARBM-406H emergency position-indicating radio beacon station

The ARBM-406H radio beacon station is designed to be installed on ships operating anywhere in the world’s oceans, intended for use when a ship and/or crew is in danger, the system allows for precise position¬ing of an alarmed object for airborne and maritime search and rescue services, using the COSPAS-SARSAT international search and rescue system and the GLONASS/GPS satellite global positioning systems. The ARBM-406H radio beacon station meets the requirements of the C/S T.001 international specification of the COSPAS-SARSAT commit¬tee, relevant IMO resolutions, requirements of the Russian River Regis¬try and the Russian Maritime Registry.

• The device transmits a distress signal at a frequency of 406,037 MHz and encoded information through the COSPAS-SARSAT international satellite search and rescue system enabling rescue operators to identify a radio beacon station;
• A distress signal transmitted by a radio beacon station contains the coordinates determined using its embedded GLONASS/GPS receiver. A navigation receiver can determine its location within 20 meters.
• The device also transmits a tonal-modulated radio signal at a frequency of 121,5 MHz to enable finding and short-range search by rescue teams.

• To enable visual detection, the device is equipped with a flashing beacon that automatically switches on when it gets dark;
• The device has an automatic detachable unit. In case of emergency is can be actuated manually or automatically when it hits water;
• The device is designed for use on ships operating in any water areas.