Dreif-M maritime transponder

Dreif-M is a maritime portable transponder with an embedded power supply unit and is intended for use as a short-range device helping guide maritime and airborne search and rescue units get a precise location of the surface units in distress.


• The device allows to fix a position of an alarmed object to be determined by transmitting signals from it within the range of 9,200 MHz to 9,500 MHz; these signals are displayed on the monitors of shore-based, ship and airborne radars as a series of twelve equidistant radially positioned dots, allowing the radar operators to determine the distance and direction to the party in distress.

• The radar transponder is intended for use as a ship-based search and rescue radar transponder and can also be installed on emergency craft such as lifeboats, rafts and launches.

• The Dreif-M radar transponder meets the requirements of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System, the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, and the IMO resolution.

• GPS/GLONASS systems.