Compact Electronic Warfare System

The system is a jamming device designed to disrupt the operation of satellite aided navigation system and jams a specific frequency generated in the digital unit of the interference generator. Output power: 1 W, 10 W or 40 W, depending on the selected operating mode. The system can run for at least two hours on an automotive battery (12 V, 60 Ah). The system can be deployed by one person. The system can operate autonomously. The jamming range: up to 15 km.

• Navigation systems can be jammed at distances of up to 15 km;
• The system can be used in conjunction with situational awareness facilities;
• The system includes a directional antenna;
• The system has a small size;
• Power supply – 12 V battery;
• The power output changes discretely.

Key Parameters

Range of frequencies


Emission power

1,10,40 W

Consumed power

No more than 100 W

Antenna type

Directional, with vertical polarization


7 kg


363х224х254 мм

Power supply voltage

12 V