The company traces its roots to November 1916. Its designers developed radars for the missile defense systems of Moscow and the central industrial district of Russia, as well as the global early warning radar systems. The Institute designed the following systems: Early warning radars Dunay-2, Dunay-3, Dunay-3M, Dunay-3U, the Voronezh-DM highly prefabricated radar system, Krona long-range space surveillance system; Volga, the Russia's first solid body radar system, and the Duga extra long range OTH radar system, the Container highly prefabricated radar system, the Podsolnukh OTH face-wave radar system.

Reliability and quality are ensured through the use of a certified quality management system MS ISO 9001-2001. NPK NIIDAR is a holder of the certificate "Leader of the Russian Economy" awarded by the Foundation for the Promotion of International UN Programs.