Social Responsibility Policy

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In order to improve the social care for it staff, voluntary health insurance is implemented at a number of companies of the holding providing a broad range of medical services and other measures promoting staff health and wellbeing, specifically, tours to health resorts for employees.

RTI Group pays special attention to promoting sports activities. In recent years the company has been focusing on nurturing healthy traditions, giving special emphasis to the healthy lifestyle program for employees.

Basic Principles of the Program
• Support and strengthening health and wellbeing traditions of all the companies of the group.
• Encouraging healthy lifestyle through support by top managers.
• Getting feedback from staff and acting upon their ideas.

In addition, RTI takes an active part in charitable activity, implementing a number of projects every year to support state, public and non-profit organizations specializing in the development of social infrastructure, education and science, support of orphanages and promotion of healthy lifestyle.

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