Environmental policy

Preserving the biodiversity of the planet is an important part of the RTI's environmental policy. The holding aims to develop its environmental protection policy by creating conditions for fostering energy and environmental sustainability. RTI always strives to ensure sustained environmental ecological equilibrium across all areas of operations with a view to organically integrate its environmental protection efforts with the social responsibility program that forms a key principle of its operations.

In order to achieve the goals of its environmental policy the company modernizes and upgrades its manufacturing facilities all across Russia.

Key insights into the performance of the environmental policy commitments

• Maintain and enhance the environmental management system of the Concern, bringing it in line with the requirements of international standards.
• Set environmental goals aimed at reducing the negative environmental impact and creating safe conditions, provide the resources to implement environmental measures to achieve the said goals.
• Identify environmental aspects and make use of risk-based approach when planning activities or engineering new products.
• Implement environmental monitoring tasks and mitigation measures, assess the business impact on the environment.
• Promote R&D programs and implement innovative projects to improve energy efficiency, use renewable energy and state-of the-art energy resources.
• Use of innovative and best available technologies throughout various production stages.
• Improve the knowledge and raise awareness of every employee and their compliance with environmental requirements in the course of the business activities of the holding.
• Tune up the training programs for employees with regard to environmental protection.
• Involve the employees in the practices of the environmental management system implementation.
• Collaborate with companies and individuals who pursue toward improving the safety of the holding with regards to its environmental impacts.

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