Anti-Corruption Policy

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The United Nations declared December 9 as International Anti-Corruption Day. The UN Convention against Corruption has been signed by over a hundred countries. Russia is one of the countries which have ratified this convention, and, hence, Russia is a member state of the convention.

September 19, 2012 the Board of Directors of RTI approved the anti-corruption policy of the group and on July 21, 2016 the Board approved the RTI Corporate Code of Conduct.

Anti-Corruption Policy in Action

Public trust in any company operating in the market is impossible unless the company implements standards and corporate institutions to combat corruption. The business and personnel security in RTI is achieved through measures to prevent corruption and implementation of cooperation mechanisms to combat it. The company has in place a screening procedure for background checks of candidates seeking employment with the company to verify the information candidates supply about themselves, to establish whether the candidates are close relatives of any government officials or politicians.

Every year RTI assesses the maturity of its organizational structure, using indicators that allow company experts to assess how well the company can resist and fight corruption. In the event that any employee or other persons have any doubts regarding the legality or ethics of their actions, or actions, omission to act or suggestions made by other employees, counterparties, or other persons interacting with the company, they can immediately report the situation to the Company's hot line.

In its operations RTI Group has always adhered and will adhere to the principles of integrity, transparency, honesty and responsibility.

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