RTI is a private Russian group of companies focused on research, development, manufacturing and support of advanced technology solutions such as radar systems, command and control systems, situational control centers, communication equipment and electronics.

RTI is a company leading in design and manufacturing of high-tech products such as complex radar systems, control centres, data management, comprehensive security systems, decision support systems and situational awareness facilities for government agencies and private organisations. We also offer stationary, portable, vehicle mounted, on-board air and space communication systems including cutting edge solutions for UAV as well as a broad range of other high tech products.

Our mission is to prevent the world and humanity from potential global stability crisis by developing innovative solutions and utilising unique technologies in early warning and decision support systems.Our products include both unique tailored systems as well as standardised equipment that offer our clients reliable solutions for defence, tracking and security tasks wherever required. 

At RTI we have always been focused on the future. Today, our R&D groups are working on new solutions, offering new-generation products to shape future marked needs. We can also be proud of our past. For over 100 years RTI has not only designed and supplied high tech products but has also maintained the best traditions of the Soviet research and design institutions that gained prominence through the dedicated work of legendary Soviet designers and researchers. As an experienced company, which weathered several historical cycles we continue to meet highest standards and stay committed to the most demanding clients and partners, striving to excellence in everything we do.

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