RTI is a private Russian group of companies

focused on research, development, manufacturing and support of advanced technology solutions such as radar systems, command and control systems, situational control centers, communication equipment and electronics.

Our mission is to prevent

the world and humanity from potential global stability crisis by developing innovative solutions and utilising unique technologies in early warning and decision support systems.

Radar Systems

Rapid deployment radars for early warning missile defense systems, space surveillance radar systems, over the horizon sky-wave and surface-wave radar systems, and a variety of other unique systems for detecting and tracking all types of air and space targets.

Research and Development

The company’s R&D facilities ensure long term innovative development of the company and achievement of its strategic goals. We prioritize innovative technologies as we design, upgrade and maintain land, sea, air and space surveillance systems. This include new systems and solutions design through development, convergence and localization of the best-in-industry technologies.

Command and Control Systems

Development of decision support systems, big data analytics systems, modeling solutions, situational control centers for the operators of strategic facilities, law enforcement agencies and other organizations. RTI obtains increasingly sophisticated technologies, particularly in detection, analysis and decision-making technology, in order to design and develop critical information systems.

Onboard air and space communications systems

Portable, wearable and vehicle-mounted land mobile communication systems, satellite communication equipment, airborne and stationary communications, command and control systems, airborne transponders and communication systems, maritime emergency and rescue systems.

RTI has its own R&D capabilities and well-equipped manufacturing facilities




R&D Centers


Industrial Facilities